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Name:Biometrics Enrollment Kits

Product Description

BioIDtec designs and customizes a portable all-in-one biometric kit.

The kit is neatly stored in a compact and durable plastic case, and the inside of the housing is divided to provide neat and secure storage for all these devices. It is made of sturdy plastic and can withstand strong impacts, ensuring that every component is not damaged. The configured mobile battery can provide an additional 8-12 hours of power to the entire device. It is lightweight and small size make it easy to carry a portable authentication kit to different locations. It is an ideal solution for use in remote or communication-impaired locations, refugee camps, event theaters, maritime blockades or emergency/crisis management.

We know that every project is unique. Customers can choose exactly what their identity management solution requires to ensure that mission requirements are met. It contains every component needed to successfully register and verify biometric data: signature, fingerprint, face and iris functions.

Examples of components that can be integrated into a biometric registration suite:

  • Laptop

  • Fingerprint scanner (single, dual or 4-4-2 scanner)

  • Iris scanner

  • ID camera

  • Signature pad

  • Mobile Dongle

  • Printer (paper ticket, paper ID, smart card)

  • Document Scanner

  • Card reader

  • GPS

  • Portable power bank for an extra 8 hours remote operation

  • Solar panels

  • 4/7-port powered USB hub

Biometric Identity Management Applications include:

  • Driving license card

  • Passport

  • National ID

  • Visa

  • Bank card

  • Biometric Voter card in Election

  • SIM card registration

  • Health card

  • Social welfare card

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