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Name:Biometric Iris Scanner
Model:HS-100 USB iris registration and identification device
Iris Camera:Dual 2 million pixel iris camera
Working Distance:15cm-17cm
Collection Method:Collect binocular iris images
Image Resolution:The original image 19201080 intercepts the iris image 640480
Communication Interface:USB2.0, plug and play, free drive
Registration Speed:2s
Matching Speed:0.5s
Powered By:USB port power supply, support for power adapter
Power Supply:DC5A@1A, 3.51.3 interface
Operating temperature:-10℃~ 5 5℃
Working Humidity:90, no condensation
Size:214x1 73x 62mm

Product Description

The portable iris collection uses a dual-lens design that captures both iris images simultaneously, and the acquired iris images meet national and security industry standards. With a fixed length of the lens to assist positioning, the best quality iris image can be quickly acquired. Mainly used for registration of iris images, identity authentication.

Product Features

. Iris registration, collection, identity authentication, personnel management, device integration.

. Especially suitable for use in large-scale personnel iris registration scenarios.

Product advantages

. Fast acquisition speed and high image quality.

. Compact and convenient, it is flexible to use.

. Binocular collection is more accurate.

. Compatible with USB port and power adapter, can be connected to tablet,

The phone works for a long time.

. Convenient and detachable lens barrel for easy cleaning of the front lens of the iris lens

Glass cover. After the barrel type iris collector is used for a long time, the barrel body

The glass cover on the front of the lens and the collection lens will be contaminated by dust and dirt.

The quality of the captured image is reduced, and the lens of the traditional iris collector is in the tube.

Deep in the body, cleaning is extremely difficult.

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